Social Innovation

Por primera vez en el Ecuador se realizará el Hackathon, un reto tecnológico para programadores, diseñadores y creativos a efectuarse este sábado 1 de octubre en la Universidad Católica de Guayaquil durante el Barcamp Guayaquil 2011.

Los participantes inscritos en este concurso deberán formar equipos para desarrollar programas o servicios basados en web o móviles, y presentarlos al final de la jornada. Para su correcta participación les presentamos las bases y reglas del concurso:

  • – El desarrollo debe ser realizado de 09h30 a 16h00 durante el Barcamp Guayaquil 2011.
  • – El tema es abierto, sin embargo se restringen aplicaciones que atenten a la ley, la moral y las buenas costumbres.
  • – Los participantes deben utilizar componentes de software de los cuales tengan licencia de uso o sean software libre.
  • – Los concursantes mantendrán los derechos de propiedad intelectual sobre los desarrollos realizados.


BarCamp is not a conventional meeting at Guayaquil, but rather it is an “un-gathering” that helps change creators to network with each other and construct associations with advance 2009 social development. The sessions in the barcamp are encouraged discussions in ESPOL (English), which imply that there is no speaker and crowd perspective in this gathering. The explanation for this creative way to deal with a generally imaginative meeting is that the routine model of gathering with specialists in the front and a latent group of onlookers is presently viewed as an out of date and insufficient methodology for the catching of huge thoughts.img-2

BarCamp is based upon participatory workshop occasions that are open and the substance is made from the side of the members of Guayaquil.

The structure of the this sort of occasion comprises of sessions that are made and planned consistently by the members, all the more frequently on location, regularly with the utilization of paper or white sheets stuck on the divider. The making of the structure limits the utilization of ESPOL. In the social advancement barcamp Guayaquil, the members are urged to encourage or present a session. What’s more, the greater part of the guests are requested that advance and offer the occasion data through diverse open channels including photograph sharing, websites, social bookmarking, wikis, twitter and IRC. This consolation empowers the occasion to move past the extent of a 2009 Guayaquil Barcamp, physical occasion and turn into a half breed occasion, where people can get into an online engagement with the social development barcamp members.

Moreover, this sort of barcamp has two intriguing synchronous streams. The past Social Development BarCamps have been an unmistakable sign that despite the fact that the talks and discussions have been truly stunning, a ton of the members had a thought regarding social advancement yet they needed to distinguish activities with a specific end goal to discover their thoughts spring up.

At this kind of barcamp, members can look over the BarCamp empowered discussion form or from various BootCamp Guayaquil Sessions.

The barcamp is a perfect stage for those people who as of now have a thought regarding social advancement, yet are pondering about what its future holds for them. What’s more, those people who are energetic about social advancement plan, they could take part in the barcamp sessions. The fascinating actuality about social development barcamp is that all the discussions, whether they are coordinated or to the whole room are on the record. There is no requirement for members to request anyone’s authorization to quote something they hear at the barcamp in 2009.


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